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Top Miniatures is one of the largest commission painting studio, specialized in miniature games such as Warhammer 40k, Infinity and other boardgames.
We stand out from the rest due to our high quality standards, accessible pricing, fast turnaround times and very good communication with our customers
Our expert team of painters can handle any project you can imagine!
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Our Services

We offer 4 different painting quality levels: from Level 1 which is a high quality tabletop standard, all the way up to Level 4 in which the miniatures get an insanely realistic and detailed look.
This way you can decide which is the best option for you and your budget.




We have an extended experience painting enormous armies, with models ranging from the smallest to the largest titan-sized ones. Our staff of talented artists can work on any project you can imagine!
Our work is greatly appreciated by the community everywhere. The armies and single miniatures painted by us won multiple painting contests all around the world.
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We are a registered company from Romania, Europe and partners of MiniWarGaming, Spikey Bits and European Team Championship.
Find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube: Every single day we post pictures or videos of the miniatures we’ve painted as well as hobby articles and painting tutorials we’ve made for the community.


Testimonials & reviews

Here are some of the detailed reviews and testimonials for several armies which we have painted, including the famous Tau and Daemons that won ETC’s Best-Painted, and the new Sons of Horus we painted painted for MiniWarGaming.
These are the results you can expect to get by commissioning us to paint your army!

Commision Form

If you want to get an exact quote from us or send an order, you can complete the commission form below, and we’ll be back to you by email in the shortest time to discuss the additional details.
You can also email us directly at contact@topminiatures.com or write us on Facebook.


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