We offer 4 different painting quality levels: from Level 1 which we consider to be a tabletop standard to Level 4 worthy of Golden Daemon entries. This way you can decide which is the best option for you and your budget.

Most of the armies we’ve worked on have the infantry painted on Levels 1-2 and the more elite units on Levels 2-4.






We have an extended experience painting enormous armies, with models ranging from the smallest to the largest titan-sized ones. Our staff of talented artists can work on any project you can imagine!

Our work is also greatly appreciated by the community: The armies painted by us won several 1st place awards in painting contests around the world in the past couple of years.


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We are a registered company from Romania, Europe and partners of MiniWarGaming,  Spikey Bits and European Team Championship.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube: Every single day we post pictures or videos of the miniatures we’ve painted as well as hobby articles and painting tutorials we’ve made for the community.



Testimonials & reviews

Here you can see the detailed reviews and testimonials for several armies which we have painted, including the famous Tau and Daemons that won ETC’s Best-Painted award in 2016 and are now featured in SpikeyBits and TheLongWar’s batreps, and also the new Sons of Horus painted for MiniWarGaming Dave.

These are the results you can expect to get from commissioning us to paint your army.

Tau Plasmastorm army review by Spikeybits

Thanquol & Boneripper review by Spikeybits

Silver Tower review by Spikeybits' Rob Baer

Sons of Horus army review by MiniWarGaming

Chaos Daemons army review by Spikeybits' Rob Baer

Tau Female army review by Spikeybits' Rob Baer