Here you can find all the information about us and about the way we work.
If you want anything for which we don’t hace a price listed, for example a diorama, a conversion or custom bases, just write us what you want and we’ll send you a quote


Painting Qualities

We offer 4 different painting quality levels, this way you can decide which is the best option for you and your budget.
Visit our Gallery for more examples of the different quality levels


Painting prices

Painting prices from this table represent the cost for painting one miniature and sealing it with a protective varnish coat.
Prices for Level 4 miniatures are quoted individually because of the complexity of each different project.


Assembling prices

Assembling prices from this table represent the cost for asembling one miniature and it includes: cutting the parts from the sprues, cleaning the excesses, removing the mould lines, filling the gaps, gluing the parts together and drilling gun barrels and exhausts.

We also offer magnetising, converting and sculpting services

Order completion and payment

Advance payments

For starting to work on your order we will require an advance installment for 50% of the commission cost. We accept PayPal, card and International Bank Transfers.

Final payment

Only after the miniatures are finished and you are completely satisfied with the provided pictures of them, we will ask for the rest of the payment. Once we receive confirmation of it we will ship the miniatures to you, and provide you with a tracking number.

No additional costs

You can be sure that we will not require any additional payments as long as you don’t want any changes to the project, so the price will remain the same as discussed initially.

Shipping & safety

Here at Top Miniatures we understand how important is to keep your beautifully painted miniatures safe and prevent them from breaking while they are being transported, and that’s why we take really good care of them. We bubble wrap the miniatures and put them in a box filled with bubble foil, so you can be certain your huge armies, or even display boards will arrive in one piece.


Commission form

If you want to get an exact quote from us or send an order, you can complete the commission form below, and we’ll be back to you by email in the shortest time to discuss the additional details. You can also email us directly at or write us on Facebook.


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