We offer 4 different painting quality levels, this way you can decide which is the best option for you and your budget

Level 1: Standard

Recommended for: Infantry, Lower budget armies.

Our first quality is a high standard for miniature painting. The units will have intense colors, which will highlight their  most important details, alongside with simple effects, which applied on them, will give life to the miniatures. The miniatures painted on this quality will look really good together in larger units.

At this quality all surfaces have 1-2 layers of paint, shades, and the most important parts like faces or weapons are more detailed with simple highlights and blendings and they have 1 color eyes.


Level 2: High

Recommended for: Elite units, Larger models, Higher budget armies.

Our High quality guarantees highly detailed miniatures, with rich color contrast and special effects (source lightning, weathering). The miniatures painted on this level will really stand out from the others on the tabletop due to their high quality.

At this quality all surfaces are covered in 2-3 layers of paint, with blending effects, shades, more highlights on the edges and have 2-color eyes. Also some simple effects are aplied like basic OSL and basic weathering.


Level 3: Display

Recommended for: Largest vehicles and monsters, Warlords, Centerpiece models.

   The miniatures painted on this level are some of the best you will see. They look amazing and will stand out on the battlefield due to the extreme details and effects painted on them, as well as on their bases. It is a pricy option, but if you are looking for something unique and special, then this is what you should pick.

   At this quality all surfaces are covered in multiple layers of paint, with more advanced blendings, shades, lining and highlights on most surfaces, and have very detailed faces and eyes. Advanced effects are aplied like OSL, weathering and freehands.


Level 4: Epic

Recommended for: Display models, Standalone pieces.

   This quality level is the best we can provide. Every single detail of the miniature and its base will be painted individually at the highest quality, using different advanced color and blending techniques to achieve the best possible result. Each miniature will become a unique work of art worthy of being a Golden Daemon entry.

   At this level, all surfaces are covered in multiple layers of paint, with hand made advanced blendings,shades, glazing, lining, blended highlights and edge highlights on all surfaces. Advanced effects are applied like advanced weathering, OSL, non metallic metal, and advanced freehands.


   If you’re looking to enhance the look of your centerpiece models and make them stand out even more, then a freehand is the best choice! 

   Our artists can replicate any image you send us and bring to fruition any concept you can think of. Here are some examples of our work:

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